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Leslie Reid, BPCTE & 6LEGS to Fitness Instructor

One day I received a call from a breeder that I knew was looking for a new home for a dog she had sold.  Even though I was living in an apartment downtown, I let my heart make the decision saying yes without any hesitation and started looking for a house.

I obtained a Malamute cross with huge personality and huge problems.  I tried everything and anything to train her, but nothing worked.  She was actually getting worse and I was at the point where I was about to give up. 

Deciding to try one more method, Brad Pattison’s, I quickly realized how simple it is to create a lasting bond with your dog, and for the first time I was in control.  This experience taught me how misinformed the general public is when it comes to their dog’s needs and requirements; once people become properly educated and implement this method, the changes can be drastic.

I know that everyone is capable of success; all you need is the proper information, dedication, patience, and be ready to have some fun.  I absolutely love what I do and I want to help others become as passionate about their relationship with their dogs as Brad’s methods have made me about mine.

Ryan King, 6LEGS To Fitness Instructor

After working in the construction industry in Southern Alberta for many years, I realized many Albertans have a few things in common. We work long, hard days, most over 8 hours plus a commute. We all strive to get in some sort of physical activity and at the end of that, we have a dog at home with its own priorities. Physical activity and mental stimulation! The day only has 24 hours.

After being introduced to 6Legs to Fitness™ by Brad Pattison, I realized how combining a dog’s need for physical activity along with your own, will free up that little bit of much needed time.

I spend my free time with my fiancé Leslie and our two dogs, Gage and Meho. We all enjoy the outdoors where we live, whether it’s riding our ATV’s in the foothills, hiking along the river by our home or of course, 6Legs to Fitness™.