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Hustle UpTM Leash

Brad Pattison's Hustle UpTM leash is the only length needed.  It is offered in either the 3/4" width for smaller dogs and 1" width for medium and large dogs.  It is made of nylon and works perfectly for Umbilical training. Made in Canada, comes in a variety of colours, $25.00 each.

Hustle UpTM Collar

Brad Pattison's Hustle UpTM Martingale Collar is the only style that Brad and his BPCTE's will use.  It is the most durable collar on the market due to its nylon webbing, box stiching and German Steel.  When used and sized properly this collar will get results! Made in Canada, comes in a variety of colours, $25.00 each.  

6LEGS To FitnessTM Leash

Designed by Brad Pattison specifically for 6LEGS to FitnessTM Classes, this is truly a hands free leash.  It is also great for those who like to go running with their dogs and do any outdoor activities.  The belt portion of the leash is 1.5" wide for extra comfort around the waisr and has the leash attached by an O ring.  The leash portion is 1" in width, made of nylon webbing and made in Canada, $40.00 each. 

6LEGS To FitnessTM Collar 

Brad Pattison's 6LEGS To FitnessTM Martingale Collar is the same as the Hustle Up but made to match the 6LEGS To FitnessTM Leash.  Both this and the Hustle UpTM Collars are welcome at the 6LEGS Classes, $25.00 each.