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Street Safety Training: 

Street Safety Training classes offer much more than the average Sit, Stay and Come classes.  You and your dog will be exposed to REAL LIFE situations and distrctions. Within these classes, you are given the necessary tools to manage your dog on and off lead, establish your alpha role in your dog’s life, create a true bond between you and your dog; all without the use of treats or other masking tools.

As all classes are held outdoors, comfy clothing is a must as well as appropriate footwear. Classes run an hour and a half in length and run throughout the year… rain, snow or shine. The only time class is cancelled is when there is lightning or if it is colder than -15 C with the wind chill, according to The Weather Network.

Classes run for 8 weeks with 2 classes a week for a total of 16 classes. They are held in different locations throughout Okotoks. I  do not do Puppy, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced classes. Nor do I discriminate against breed, size or the age of a dog. All are welcome.

6LEGS To Fitness: 


No time to go to the gym and walk your dog?

6Legs to Fitness™ is a dynamic, breath taking experience that is good for your heart, lungs, core stability and every muscle group in your body.

Your dog gets a mental workout and partakes in all your hard effort. With challenging moves to stimulate your body and mind and an education for your dog, you will inevitably build a stronger & closer bond between the two of you, creating SYNERGY between you and your dog.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get into shape and to learn how to create synergy between you and your dog!
Private Training Sessions: 
 Dates, Times and locations are flexible, contact me for further information.


Requirements for Training:

Street Safety/Private Sessions- Hustle Up Martingale Style Collar and 6 Foot Nylon Leash

6LEGS to Fitness- Hustle Up or 6LEGS Martingale Style Collar and 6LEGS to Fitness Leash 

SST 25% Deposit $100.00
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SST 50% Deposit $200.00
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SST 100% Full Payment $400.00
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