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Street Safety Training:


I originally took the Street Safety Training class to get help with a newly adopted puppy that came to us with more than her fair share of baggage.  I thought we'd made a terrible mistake adopting her at first, but by the last class the transformation in her behavior was amazing; she has become a wonderful addition to our family. 
The training has not only helped me with my own dogs, it has also helped me in my profession as a dog walker.   I have a much better understanding of dog behavior and use what I have learned on a daily basis.  All the clients I have referred to Leslie have been extremely happy with the outcome for their families and their dogs. 
Sheila Hughes 
For Pet's Sake! Animal Care 
When I met Leslie, our dog Scruffles was only 10 months old and had already been through 2 trainers.  He had so many issues including dominance, fear-aggression, possession-aggression and behavioral problems.  He had even begun to bite us and I knew we were running out of options.  People were starting to tell me that he would never get better and maybe we should consider putting him down.  I was so upset and desperate, I looked on the internet and found Leslie, she was our last option.  From the moment she came into our house for a private training session, things began to change.  We began an intensive training program that has completely changed Scruffles!  We can now take him on long walks without disruption and his behavior at home has greatly improved.  We can now enjoy him and have a wonderful pet and owner relationship.  We are still working on it, so we continue to take group classes, and Scruffles is improving every day.  I recommend Leslie to all my friends and clients, she has literally saved our dog! 
6LEGS To Fitness:

6Legs to Fitness is such a fantastic way to get in shape while spending quality time with your dog in the great outdoors.  Leslie and Ryan's classes are fun, fast-paced and challenging.  They are energetic and knowledgeable instructors.  There's no excuse now to get out, get fit and hang out with your dog! 
Sheila Hughes 
For Pet's Sake! Animal Care 
Leslie and Ryan are enthusiastic and really focus on making fitness fun! I recommend 6 Legs to anyone looking for a new way to keep in shape - fitness classes with your best furry friend - great concept!